2 Harcourt Buildings was founded by returning British prosecutors from the Nuremburg War Crime Trials. 

Members of Chambers are steeped in a tradition of excellence drawn from our involvement in some of the greatest criminal trials of the age.

Chambers’ earliest members quickly established themselves as the most sought-after and able set in London with Lady Chatterley’s Lover, and the ‘Profumo Affair’ trial amongst our early work. We were retained by the Bank of England in its fight against counterfeit currency to privately prosecute every case before the courts until the foundation of the Crown Prosecution Service. With a reputation for formidable, high-quality counsel, 2 Harcourt Buildings has always been seen as an excellent choice for the highest profile work, including The Angry Brigade Bombing Campaign trials, the 90-Defendant ‘Handless Corpse’ trials, and the Blue Arrow and Guinness Frauds

Today, 2 Harcourt Buildings draws on its illustrious heritage to offer modern clients outstanding advocacy across all our areas of expertise. 


At 2 Harcourt Buildings we understand the importance of our heritage and have deliberately remained a small, high-quality, set of chambers. Our small size, and collegiate approach, means that each Member of Chambers can draw from the experience and expertise of one another, such that we can provide a consistently excellent service at all levels of call. 

Members of Chambers pride themselves on the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, and sensitivity. We understand that for lay clients, the court process can be stressful and intimidating and that having a barrister with humanity and sensitivity is vital. For our professional clients, we know that the support of counsel, providing timely, expert advice, and tactical good sense can make the difference in important cases. 


2 Harcourt Buildings is committed to equal opportunities and tackling discrimination. 

It is the policy of 2 Harcourt Buildings:

  • to ensure that its tenants, pupils and employees will not discriminate directly or indirectly against, bully or victimise anyone on the grounds of their race, colour, ethnic or national origin, nationality, citizenship, sex (including gender re-assignment), sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, religion or political persuasion;
  • to provide a safe and socially responsible working environment;
  • to promote equal opportunities for people wishing to join our organisation.

This policy applies to:

  • the recruitment processes through which tenants, pupils and employees are selected;
  • the conduct and treatment of all tenants, pupils and employees during their tenure in Chambers, including training and career development, and
  • the treatment of professional and lay clients. 

Chambers will not tolerate any form of harassment and will take all necessary steps to ensure that its members, pupils and employees are not subject to harassment.  Our Harassment Policy is available here.

Chambers is committed to the observance of good practice in respect of the granting of Maternity, Paternity and Parental Leave.   Chambers is aware that from time to time members will wish to take career breaks, work flexible hours, part time or partly from home to enable them to manage their family responsibilities and remain in practice.  Our Parental Leave, Shared Parental Leave, Reasonable Adjustments and Flexible Working Policies are available here. 

Chambers adheres to the Equality and Diversity Code for the Bar published by the General Council of the Bar and our Equality and Diversity Policy is available here.

In line with the Equality and Diversity Rules of the Bar Code of Conduct, Chambers publishes a summary of Diversity Data of its members and staff.  Our Equality and Diversity Report 2017 is available here.

The responsibility for delivering effective policies and procedures lies with our Equality and Diversity Committee who will review any guidance issued by the Bar Council and other relevant organisations and make any necessary recommendations.

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