We are regularly instructed in high-value, complex, and novel frauds, bringing to bear decades of experience in this type of work. In what can often be a daunting and document heavy area, we provide thorough preparation, expert advice, and engaging presentation. We have several Members who are specialists in fraud and financial crime, and who are involved in cases brought by the Serious Fraud Office, the Fraud Prosecution Service, and others. 

We are often involved in matters at a very early advisory stage, and accept instructions whilst frauds or irregularities are under investigation, both for the Prosecution and Defence. 


We have broad expertise in cases of Murder, Manslaughter, and Attempted Murder. We are able to provide Juniors and Queen’s Counsel whose experience of this high profile and grave work will instil confidence, whether acting for the Prosecution or Defence. Our tradition of outstanding courtroom advocacy and skilful preparation means that our Members are a popular and trusted choice for these high profile and sensitive cases. 


Chambers has vast experience in the area of Serious and Organised Crime, regularly appearing in cases investigated by the NCA, and other specialist agencies. Our Members are well known for their expertise in major drug and firearms importations, international human trafficking and slavery, organised kidnaps and torture, international conspiracies, and crimes relating to Customs evasion. Our long history of appearing in these cases means we are used to handling the pressures and challenges associated with the trials of international and organised crime on a massive scale. 

Our experience means we are well placed to offer advice and representation, to both the Prosecution and Defence, from pre-charge right through to confiscation, enforcement and appeals.


In this highly technical area of work, we have long been recognised as a pre-eminent set of chambers. We have an outstanding knowledge of the medico-legal background which can dominate cases of this type, and are regularly asked to advise on the instruction of experts in preparation for trial. Members of Chambers have significant experience of the interaction required between the Criminal and Family Courts. 

This allows us to offer specialist and experienced counsel at a variety of levels in one of the most challenging areas of law; an invaluable asset to both professional and lay clients.


Members of Chambers have a proven track record in prosecuting and defending the most serious sexual offences and have appeared in many high profile cases in this field in recent years. 

We combine a sensitive and non-judgemental approach with tenacious advocacy at the highest level in order to obtain consistently excellent results in these often challenging cases. 


Members of Chambers are frequently involved in high profile, serious and sensitive terrorism cases.

Several of our members have the security clearance required to undertake this type of work and are available to act as Special Advocates on behalf of the Attorney General in such cases.


In recent years, our members have acted on behalf of leading insurance companies, local councils and charitable institutions involved in private prosecutions, acting for both the Prosecution and the Defence.

We are available to advise from pre-charge right through to confiscation and appeal in this rapidly expanding area of law. We have an in-depth understanding of the unique legal issues that can arise in private prosecutions, and draw upon our long-standing expertise in the field of criminal law to resolve such issues in favour of our clients.


Members of Chambers are frequently instructed in disciplinary cases of all types and have appeared in cases involving sports tribunals and governing bodies, educational institutions and professional regulators.  

Members of Chambers accept instructions across all areas of regulatory work. We have particular expertise in healthcare regulation and our Members frequently appear on behalf of both the Prosecution and Defence at the full range of hearings before the healthcare regulators including the Nursing and Midwifery Council, the General Dental Council and the General Medical Council.

For members of the public facing such proceedings our Direct Access barristers offer excellent and cost-effective representation in these areas. 


Members of Chambers are expert in all matters arising from confiscation proceedings. We are frequently instructed on behalf of prosecuting bodies, defendants, and interested third parties to represent their interests at complex and involved contested confiscation hearings. We undertake extensive advisory work in this field and provide high-quality advice from an early stage so as to ensure pragmatic and successful outcomes. 


Our Members accept instructions in advisory work across all our areas of expertise and will be happy to assist at any stage, from pre-charge to appeal. We advise professional clients and businesses as to potential liability, and can retain conduct of a case throughout any ensuing proceedings.

Members have advised foreign governments on criminal law and cross-jurisdictional issues and have been invited to address conferences to speak on such matters as international human trafficking, sexual offences and disclosure.

Members are frequently instructed on behalf of HMRC, local councils and the Serious Fraud Office, amongst others, to advise on matters of legal professional privilege and disclosure. 


We accept instructions in the full spectrum of Road Traffic matters, from minor offences in the Magistrates’ Court right through to Causing Death or Serious Injury by Dangerous Driving. Chambers has significant experience in all aspects of what can be a technical and complex area of the law.

In some cases, Road Traffic matters can be stressful and harrowing to those involved. We pride ourselves on giving outstanding advice to clients, including to those who wish to appeal decisions from lower courts, or are seeking a second opinion. 

In appropriate cases, our Direct Access members can offer the most cost-effective route to those accused of Road Traffic Offences who seek the highest quality representation and advice. Please see our Direct Access section for further information.


We have a long and proud history of appearing in Courts Martial, both at home and overseas. We defend members of the Armed Forces in the full range of offences, including those uniquely faced by service personnel or of the utmost gravity. We have a well-established expertise in military law and procedure, providing lectures and seminars to those unfamiliar with the Court Martial process. 

We are also highly experienced at defending Members of the Armed Forces who face prosecution in civilian courts, and of the added pressures and complications this can sometimes entail. 


Members of Chambers are instructed to prosecute and defend health and safety cases on behalf of both public and private bodies, corporations, and individuals in the Crown and Magistrates' Courts. Our expertise in health and safety law combined with our excellence in written and oral advocacy, enables us to secure the best outcomes for all clients.

We are available to advise on all matters of environment law and our Members represent companies and individuals accused of the full range of environmental offences. 


Members of Chambers act in cases concerning all aspects of licensing including liquor licensing, firearms licensing and taxi and private hire licensing, at first instance and on appeal.