Following the recent refurbishment of our premises and the election of our new Heads of Chambers, we are actively seeking to recruit high-quality tenants with a view to expanding our numbers. We are particularly interested in tenants of ten years call but will consider any suitable applicant. Applications should be sent to vickybeasley@2hb.co.uk.

All applications will be treated in the strictest of confidence and will be assessed by the tenancy committee to determine whether or not the applicant should be invited to attend an interview.


We pride ourselves on offering structured, challenging and fulfilling twelve-month pupillages to high quality applicants. We aim to prepare all pupils for a successful career within our Chambers and actively seek to recruit our junior tenants from amongst their number. Nine of our last eleven pupils were taken on at the end of their pupillage.

We offer a pupillage award of £21,600 made up of a £12,000 grant in the first six months and guaranteed earnings of £1,600 a month in the second six months. In recent years, our pupils have routinely earned significantly more than this.

We endeavour to ensure that our pupillages, as well as being both financially and intellectually rewarding, are enjoyable. Throughout their twelve months our pupils are treated as prospective tenants and are encouraged to play an active part in the life of Chambers.

First Six Months

Pupils spend the first six months of their pupillage with their pupil supervisor and can expect to be in court most days participating in the full range of criminal trials as well as accompanying their pupil supervisor to case conferences. From day one all pupils will be expected to undertake written work for their supervisor and, in due course, for other Members of Chambers in order to be able to build a reputation amongst their prospective colleagues.

First-six pupils undertake an intensive advocacy course designed to equip them for their first days on their feet in the Crown and Magistrates’ Court as well as a crash course in court procedure delivered in an informal atmosphere by the junior tenants.

In the final weeks of the first six we endeavour to place pupils with junior tenants so that they can gain experience of Magistrates’ Court work and see the sort of Crown Court work they are likely to be covering when on their feet. We find that this leads to pupils looking and feeling prepared and confident from the very first day on their feet.

Second Six Months

Pupils can expect to be in court every day covering the full range of hearings in the Magistrates’ Court and undertaking regular Crown Court work. Typically, second-six pupils will be appearing in Crown Court trials by the time they apply for tenancy placing them well ahead of their peers in terms of experience and expertise.

Please click here for our Pupillage Policy Document.


Chambers is actively seeking third six pupils to join our Chambers with a view to becoming tenants following successful completion of pupillage. Third-six pupils can expect a busy Magistrates’ and Crown Court practice with plenty of opportunities to undertake Crown Court trials and secondments. In addition, third-six pupils are encouraged to attend the pupil advocacy course and to carry out work for other Members of Chambers so as to prepare them for tenancy.


We welcome applications for mini-pupillage from applicants aged 18 or over. Applications should be made by way of a form attached here and sent by email or post to our Administrator Vicky Beasley. For full details of our mini pupillage scheme, please click on the link.


2 Harcourt Buildings is committed to equal opportunities and tackling discrimination. Please see the Our Policies section in the Our Chambers page for full details.