Member of Chambers Profile

Rupert Kent

Year of Call: 2006



Rupert is routinely instructed in complex and lengthy cases involving organised and serious criminality, predominantly in London. He is a forceful and charismatic jury advocate, with a strong attention to detail in case preparation and presentation. 

A Grade 3 prosecutor, Rupert receives regular instruction from the CPS Specialist Fraud Division in HMRC work, and the CPS Special Casework Division in Home Office, Flying Squad, and Operation Trident cases. Much of his prosecution instruction is in large multi-handed trials, often stemming from undercover operations, and typically reliant on the presentation of expert scientific and telephonic evidence, and the distillation of very large evidential bundles. 

Rupert also regularly defends in the full spectrum of criminal allegations, and conducts private defence work throughout the country.

With excellent judgment and an approachable manner, Rupert is experienced in the advising of large prosecution case teams, and in the meticulous preparation of a defendant’s case. He has regular experience in advising on sensitive disclosure issues, and in advising on, and appearing in, appellate cases.

Notable cases in 2017:

R v L (2017): HMRC duty evasion fraud trial;

R v T-C & Others (2017): 4-handed banking fraud case;

R v A (2017): attempted murder (shooting) trial at the Old Bailey;

R v O & Others (2017): 6-handed ‘county line’ drugs supply trial;

R v H & Others (2017): 9-handed HMRC duty evasion fraud trial;

R v C & Others (2017): 4-handed prohibited ammunition case;

R v H & Others (2017): 7-handed money laundering trial;

R v S & Others (2017): 3-handed tax fraud case;

R v P & Others (2017): 9-handed Home Office immigration fraud trial;

Other notable recent cases:

R v P & Others (2016): 20-handed money laundering trial;

R v A (2016): child prostitute trafficking trial;

R v K (2016): HMRC VAT repayment fraud trial;

R v M & Others (2016): 9-handed HMRC duty evasion fraud trial;

R v E & Another (2016): 2-handed 13-incident conspiracy to rob case;

R v D (2015): 14 armed robberies case;

R v E & Others (2015): 9-handed conspiracy to rob and firearms trial;

R v S & Another (2015): 2-handed baby shaking trial;

R v M & Others (2014): 3-handed blackmail and kidnapping trial;

R v M & Others (2014): 6-handed machine pistol importation trial;

R v B & Others (2013): 21-handed HMRC duty evasion fraud trial.


Criminal Justice, Advocacy and the Bar, Criminal Justice Reform Group (chaired by HHJ Rivlin QC), March 2015: contributed in preparation of report