Member of Chambers Profile

Nicholas Atkinson QC

Year of Call: 1971



Nic has now been Head of Chambers for more than 10 years, a Chambers that has been described in Chambers & Partners as a solid and reliable set, and as a true mainstay in the criminal rankings whose members generate considerable respect from competitors and are regarded as decent and honourable.

Nic enjoys his career at the Bar, half of which he has now spent in Silk. He started his practice in a common law set with a mixed practice and joined Harcourt Buildings after 10 years to concentrate exclusively on crime.

In the 1970s he was co-opted to the Bar Council and elected to it in the 1980s and again in the 1990s when he frequently stood in for the Leader of the Western Circuit. He has served on the Western Circuit committee and on the committee of Criminal Bar Association. He was appointed a Recorder of the Crown and County Courts in 1987 and became a QC in 1991. Whilst he has never had any judicial ambition he is convinced that sitting as a Recorder improves his performance as an advocate and he intends to continue to sit for several years to come. He was authorised to hear cases of rape and serious sexual offences in 1999.

Nic’s practice covers all areas of crime both prosecuting and defending in cases of fraud, homicide (approximately 100 trials) baby shaking, child murders, domestic killings, contract killings, gang related killings and drive by shootings, and a wide range of sexual cases from indecent assault to rape to paedophilia.

Over the last 10 years Nic has been variously described in Chambers & Partners as ‘a personable and self-assured lawyer’, ‘popular and well-liked….having a wonderful way with clients and judges alike’. It has been written that he is ‘always able to make the facts fit into his case theory’. He has further been described as a ‘worthy opponent for anybody’ and a ‘brilliant jury advocate’.

His most important case is…his next case.