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Christopher Stimpson

Year of Call: 1999



Chris is a leading criminal barrister with a reputation for his legal acumen, advocacy and success rate. A Blackstone Exhibitioner at the Middle Temple he specialises exclusively within the fields of serious sexual offences and allegations of violence.

He undertakes significant private defence work and is regularly instructed by, inter alia, the country’s leading Solicitors (BCL Burton Copeland) as well as prosecuting for the Crown’s Serious Case Work unit and RASSO - the Rape and Serious Sexual Offences division. Chris also undertakes selective direct access work and in an advisory capacity has been instructed by various professional bodies as diverse as the Mayor of London’s Office through to Independent Film and Television companies. 

Selected cases:

Rape/sexual offences

R v I (2017) Isleworth Crown Court - Grooming, historic rape and Indecency with a child allegations from the 1980s.

R v H (2017) The Old Bailey – Multiple rapes and assaults of pregnant partner.

R v T (2017) Harrow Crown Court - Historic rape and sexual activity with a child.

R v G (2016) Isleworth Crown Court - ‘One night stand’ allegation of rape.

R v P (2016) Harrow Crown Court - Making of indecent images, sexual assault and rape from the 1970s.

R v A and C (2016) Lewes Crown Court - Rape, sexual abuse of numerous complainants by defendant with HIV.

R v C and others (2016) Guildford Crown Court - False imprisonment, ‘gang’ rape.

R v T (2016) Lewes Crown Court – Knife point rape of 14 year old girl.

R v C (2016) Snaresbrook Crown Court – ‘Cold case’ DNA allegation of rape from 1979.

R v S (2016) Lewes Crown Court – Sexual assault, indecent exposure during ‘one night stand’. 

R v O (2016) Snaresbrook Crown Court – Kidnapping and rape/sexual activity with a twelve year old child.

R v A (2015) Birmingham Crown Court – Facilitating the commission of a child sex offence, possession of indecent photographs.

R v O (2015) Inner London Crown Court – Stranger rape of elderly woman.

R v C (2015) Maidstone Crown Court – ‘Operation Envelope’ – inciting sexual activity with children using social media. 

R v H (2015) Chichester Crown Court – ‘one night stand’ rape of drugged woman.

R v B (2015) Guildford Crown Court – Rape of a child under 13.

R v T (2014) The Old Bailey – Repeated rape of 13 year old girl by step-father. 

R v M (2014) Snaresbrook Crown Court - Rape and domestic violence over seven years.

R v W (2014) Croydon Crown Court - Rape of partner within marriage.

R v B (2014) Snaresbrook Crown Court – ‘Stranger’ assault and rape (cell-site and DNA).

R v M and R (2013) Woolwich Crown Court - Multiple rape of children all aged under 8.

R v H (2013) Croydon Crown Court – Rape of sleeping girl at party.

R v O (2013) Kingston Crown Court – Pupil raping pupil at school. 

R v G (2013) Woolwich Crown Court – Historic (1981-6) sexual abuse and rape by uncle.

R v R (2013) Wood Green Crown Court – Sexual abuse of daughter by father.

R v B (2013) The Old Bailey – False imprisonment, GBH and rape of prostitute.

R v B (2013) Inner London Crown Court – Homosexual stranger rape and assault. 

R v H (2012) Harrow Crown Court – Historic (1968-71) child abuse and rape.

R v M (2011) Hove Crown Court - Lead Counsel in trial of predatory ‘stranger’ rapist.

R v G (2010) Blackfriars Crown Court – Aggravated burglary with intent to rape.

R v P (2009) The Old Bailey – Sexual assault by un-licenced taxi driver.


R v S and others (2016) Woolwich Crown Court £50 million cocaine importation.

R v H (2016) Possession of Class A drugs and firearms.

R v T (2015) Luton Crown Court - Gang robbery by juveniles.

R v P (2014) Woolwich Crown Court - attempted murder of wife by husband.

R v R and others (2014) Woolwich Crown Court - gang shooting at party in East London.

R v F and A (2014) Woolwich Crown Court - prison stabbing at HMP Wandsworth.

R v D and others (2014) Kingston Crown Court – organised crime (conspiracy to commit armed robbery). 

R v F (2013) The Old Bailey – attempted murder in London nightclub.

R v K and J (2013) Blackfriars Crown Court – armed drug dealers.

R v S and others (2013) Portsmouth Crown Court - revenge gang beating (s.18 GBH).

R v H (2013) Harrow Crown Court - armed robbery of Securicor vans.

R v T and D (2013) Kingston Crown Court – series of street gun point robberies.  

R v W and others (2010) The Old Bailey - two month trial of the ‘Black Mafia’ gang.

R v S and others (2009) The Old Bailey - seven defendants in gang-related murder in South London.

R v D and others (2007) Southwark Crown Court: six defendants charged with attempted murder and firearms offences.

R v K and J (2013) Blackfriars Crown Court – possession of cocaine with Intent to Supply and Possession of Firearms with Intent to commit an indictable offence. 

R v J and others (2013) Woolwich Crown Court - possession of Class A (4 kilograms of cocaine) with Intent to Supply. 

R v G and H (2010) Portsmouth Crown Court - largest cultivation of cannabis seizure in the south of England.

R v S and others (2006) Winchester Crown Court - 10 tonne importation of cannabis from Spain to the UK.

Reported Cases

R v M (2010) Sole Counsel for the Crown before a Lord Chief Justice led five-strong Court of Appeal (s.58 terminatory rulings)

R v Q (2011) Admission of good character of Crown witnesses  

R v Rorison (2009) bad character

R v Oledeji (2009) admissibility of evidence